family dinners

one table, six chairs.three, well worn,the rest, collecting dust, this will never feel like table, six chairs.forget you, would that i might.i sank into mine,a little too comfortably.i must have built up an was the same carousel every night.the three of us,nudging plates and wielding was the same carousel every night.those three […]

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I’m Afraid I May

I feel like the best words are the ones I don’t say. Too afraid to ask, I’m afraid I may. In fleeting glances, You gave me several chances. I shouldn’t have walked away. Tonight, If I gave you my hand, And didn’t say a word, Would you still take it? If you did, From the […]

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today, it is the lack of productivity.tomorrow, I don’t know what it’ll be. everyday something sets off a slew of panic, and everyday I have no one to blame but myself. and that can’t be right, can it? can it? I keep counting down the days, hoping I’ll reach a red cross down the line,something […]

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