I’m Afraid I May

I feel like the best words are the ones I don’t say. Too afraid to ask, I’m afraid I may. In fleeting glances, You gave me several chances. I shouldn’t have walked away. Tonight, If I gave you my hand, And didn’t say a word, Would you still take it? If you did, From the […]

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today, it is the lack of productivity.tomorrow, I don’t know what it’ll be. everyday something sets off a slew of panic, and everyday I have no one to blame but myself. and that can’t be right, can it? can it? I keep counting down the days, hoping I’ll reach a red cross down the line,something […]

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just for the night

if you’d like,we could make believe,hide in the dark,and live in pretence,just for the night.or if you’d prefer,we could bleed,or burn,let it bruise,and feel it all,just for the night.and if you’d let me,I’d help you heal,watch you fly,feel you glow,do it all,just for the night.oh won’t you take my hand?just for the night.I know the […]

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in plain sight

if what you see is what’s real, and if what’s real is only what you can see, blur those lines, and an artist you can be. open up that box, and let out your most sinister thoughts, do you have anywhere else to be? you know they’re calling out your name because you were never […]

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