she’s got a certain air of something

there's a certain air of something about her. 

she's commanding but still soft.
she's funny but subtle.
she's a real sweet talker and she knows she can get you into trouble,
wants to get you into trouble, likes it even.
oh but you see, she makes you like it too.

she's beautiful but it's not the kind of beautiful that calls out for envy.
she's beautiful but she's effortless.
she's beautiful but,
you run out of 'but's to use.

speaking of running -
oh she makes you run,
and run you do.
you run,
with her mind.
you run,
towards those eyes.
you run,
through every painstaking second of a difficult moment and all you feel is bliss because
she runs with you.

but she doesn't transform pain. she's human, after all.      
the truth is, that's her superpower.
she's brimming with humanity,
so much of it,
that you forget when the World lost it.

there's a certain air of something about her and it's a glimpse into all you've ever wanted.

oh, how badly you want to have it!

now, I'm aware that the picture I painted drives you to ask me,
"who is she?"
well, let me tell you.
dear friend, I'm talking about love.
and love is whoever you want her to be.

the truth is, that's your superpower,
my superpower,
our superpower, if you will,
because we all believe that disillusionment is the key,
to the door that we've dreamt up.

is it a trap?
well, you built it and
she's got a certain air of something,

so fall right in.

this is probably one of my favorite pieces till date and I hope it gets you thinking and I hope it made you feel a lil smth and yes I will shut up now x

4 thoughts on “she’s got a certain air of something

  1. thought this was about Generic Sexy Poem girl but then plot twist happened and it became deep as hell


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