i think the skies cry, and cleanse our world of the wounds we’ve left, hoping that one day, we’ll promise to do better, but we make them cry again, to wash away the wrongs from yesterday, only so we can repeat them today.

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what is hope?

what is hope? they ask me, it is a force of sorts, I say – a force that resembles the fight of a flickering flame, against the zephyr that stole its stability. it is the difference between strength and endurance, a warmth which can fill, even the most desolate places, a vessel that can sail, […]

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i’m not Atlas, but –

this defeat is much too heavy for me to carry- and although it isn’t the heavens that are upon me, I feel just as shackled, and just as burdened, under my pain and heartache. so I cave, I give in, and ask for a clean slate. and then I play new cards, use new words, […]

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Change. They say it’s natural, essential for growth, “for what is a sculpture before the clay is mould?” An imbalance to knock you down, just so you can rebuild, reshape, and renew. But when I’ve built something I don’t want to lose, forgive me for questioning Nature, and forgive me for defying it – the […]

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