I Was Only Ever Good At Crashing Parties

I was only ever good at crashing parties,And staying holed up in places I didn’t belong.Leaving traces, then changing faces,I know I wish I never crashed yours.I’m guilty,In more ways than one,I know, but it hasn’t exactly been fun.Maybe I scared you,I didn’t mean to.This was supposed to be a fresh start, after all.Even if […]

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just for the night

if you’d like,we could make believe,hide in the dark,and live in pretence,just for the night.or if you’d prefer,we could bleed,or burn,let it bruise,and feel it all,just for the night.and if you’d let me,I’d help you heal,watch you fly,feel you glow,do it all,just for the night.oh won’t you take my hand?just for the night.I know the […]

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behind the title :

Blue hair, and hazel eyes. Glowing skin, and sunset lips. She was the definition of color. You’d never look at her and think, that her thoughts were streaming in gray. Her eyes light up as she throws her head back, and laughs at something someone said. You watch her, as she waves out to another […]

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